Naked DSL

Are you sick of paying phone line rental just for a internet connection ? Rid yourself of phone line rental forever with Naked DSL. We just provide one Naked DSL plan which is comes with Unlimited Data. No Excess Charges, No slowing your speed down with you hit your data limit. No Modem? No Worries our Naked DSL plans comes with a WiFi ADSL2+ Modem if you need one.

Unlimited Naked DSL $68.95 per month

$99.00 Setup – No Phone Rental – 5 Emails – Local Support – 24 month contract – Optional Free WiFi ADSL2+ Modem.

All Naked DSL Services are data only services. If you would like a voice service it is a extra $5.95 per month if the number is provided by us.

Calls Rates:
20c Local calls
4c per min STD calls
20c per min Mobile calls

Important Stuff:
1. The $99.00 is on a 24 month contract.
2. The payment method is via Credit Card or Direct Debt of a bank account.
3. Naked DSL needs a phone line at be in place. If you don’t have a phone line in place fees may apply.
4. Termination fees if you disconnect within the 24 month $299.00
5. Optional Free WiFi ADSL2+ Modem must be selected when ordering your service and a $14.95 delivery fee applies.

Still Got Questions ?

Not a Problem. We are here to help 1300 52 20 10 or hit the big blue Contact Us